“I think people live better in big houses and in important clothes” - Gianni Versace

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The wardrobe is the most intimate corner of the house that holds our most precious belongings. For this reason each wardrobe can be stylewise  taylor-made, enhancing the individual personality.

As a chest preserves its treasures, the wardrobe contains a precious legacy, place of wonders where the dream of the Italian style comes to life.

A dress, a piece of furniture, a room, a house, it is always the result of a creative process.

Each project is a customized creation, designed and built to be exceptional and unrepeatable.

A well-organized closet is the dream of everyone who loves fashion and style.

Every dress, every accessory find their ideal location, carefully organized and ready for the occasion.

Each wood, with its unique and inimitable flame and grain is carefully selected,

polished and transformed with carvings and inlays to enhance the soul.

Elegance is not about being noticed , it’s about being remembered.

Wood is the absolute protagonist of the dialogue between man and time.

The difference between style and fashion is in the pursuit of excellence.

What stands the test of time, becomes a living example of the very best.

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