• Made in Italy
    Italian artistic excellence

    Every single Giorgio Piotto’s creation is conceived, designed and produced in Italy.
    It has a quality certificate that certify
    its originality and the control of all the production stages.
    All works are performed within the company by craftsmen, carpenters and specialized technicians: an experienced team that works with exceptional quality to enhance
    the Italian artistic tradition.

  • Made in Italy
    Innovation and craftsmanship
    to experience tailor-made luxury

    Offering our clients the pleasure of living the dream of the
    Italian style, harmonizing complex projects with a
    bespoke service: this is the mission of Giorgio Piotto.
    This result is possible thanks to the maximum personalization of the design and the precision technology
    in the production, refined by the hands of master craftsmen.

  • Made in Italy
    Enhance nature

    Wood is the true protagonist of Giorgio Piotto’s creations. To enhance this living material it is needed passion and meticulous control each step of the process: from the selection of the wood, the flame and the grain, the transformation, the sanding and the creation of carvings and inlays to the finishing with paints, coatings and waxes. The wood comes to life in a unique product, designed to excite over time.

  • Made in Italy
    Design & Eco-Luxury

    Create luxury while respecting the environment is a choice that Giorgio Piotto has done with determination. The design philosophy is addressed to eco-design: a sustainable approach in the design and the management of production processes, that promotes a compatible development with the environment, respectful of future generations.

  • Made in Italy
    Sustainable Production

    The woods come from sustainable woodlands, in accordance with forest resources. The paints used in the finish processes are non-toxic. Air quality and dust levels are monitored to protect our staff
    and areas surrounding the factory. Energy consumption has been rationalized, the wood cycle is complete: with the waste, thermal energy is produced.